Account Settings

Account Settings provides account information including details about your Plan and related Quota as well as centralized management for billing, integrations, and feature settings. For Enterprise users the Account Settings page also includes the account management interface. To access your Account Settings click your avatar in the top right corner


The UnpacMe platform offers five metered services which are assigned a Quota based on the user's Plan; Public Submissions, Private Submissions, Downloads, Search Queries, and YARA Lightning Searches. Quotas are governed as follows. * Quota limits do not permit overages except when explicitly stated in the Plan. * By default,

Billing Management

When subscribed to a Plan billing for the Plan can be managed via the Billing portal in the Account Settings page. UnpacMe supports both PayPal and credit card transactions via the Stripe payment provider. The Billing portal may appear different depending on the selected payment method. Credit Card Billing (Stripe)


When subscribed to a Plan that provides API access the API key is accessible view the Account Settings page. By default the key is hidden with two buttons providing the option to either reveal the key or copy it directly to the clipboard. API Documentation Full API documentation can be

Features and Preferences

The Account Settings page provides the ability to enable and disable UnpacMe features and manage user preferences. Experimental Features The experimental features switch can be used to enable beta features in the UnpacMe app. These are features that are still under development and may cause instability in the application. This


Integrations can be managed via the Account Settings page. Currently UnpacMe supports two integrations; Malpedia, and Intezer. Enterprise Plan Administrators manage integrations for the entire enterprise. Changes to these integrations will propagate to all seats in the Enterprise Plan. Malpedia By default all UnpacMe users can view matches from TLP

Bug Reports

To report a bug from any page within the UnpacMe application click on the Report Bug button in the top navigation bar. This will open the Bug Report dialogue with a small form to fill out. The Bug Report details message supports markdown and up to 1500 characters. There is

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